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Discharge Compatible T-shirt Colors (100% cotton)

 Not all colors from shirt manufactures are on this chart, but it's a good general guide to the shades of colors that discharge well or poorly.  No colors can be guaranteed to discharge perfectly, even from one run to another.

DC Shirt Table

The examples and color charts shown on this page are intended to help our customers better understand the discharge process.

Discharge is designed to work primarily on 100% cotton T-shirts.  Discharge ink works by removing the garment's dye from the shirt to leave the natural cotton. The black sample below shows an imprint in which clear discharge reacts with the fabric dye leaves the natural color. This natural color is most ideal and allows the pigment color to be bright and pure.   The purple sample shown is a non-dischargeable color and has resisted this process.  What's left behind is a dirty grey which is not conducive to achieving bright pure colors.  Another popular color that resists the discharge process is royal blue.

   Clear discharge on black fabric                                                                               Clear discharge on purple fabric

Thumbnail Black                                                                          Thumbnail Purple          


The below samples were done with a teal pigmented discharge.  By clicking on each sample you will see a magnified view.  Notice the ink on the black fabric is strong and pure, while on the royal sample the color is not true, this is because of dyes used in the royal material.  See our chart below for the T-shirt colors that work best with discharge.  Also notice the chart for non-dischargable colors.

    Teal Discharge on black fabric                                                                                  Teal Discharge on royal fabric

Thumbnail Black                                                                         Thumbnail Royal



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