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Vintage Prints



Vintage Prints use our standard plastisol inks, but with a different technique. In a standard plastisol print, multiple layers of ink are printed on the fabric to ensure a solid and bright print. With vintage prints, only a single layer of ink is applied, giving the print a faded effect. The result is affected strongly by the color and material of the shirt it's printed on.

Vintage prints follow plastisol pricing, and come with no additional charge. All colors available in plastisol are usable for vintage prints.

--Matte, translucent print that allows some of the shirt to show through

--Works best with light colors on heathered or triblend shirts with more texture

--Thinner and lighter weight than normal plastisol prints, resulting in extra softness


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Even on the same garment, the varying opacity of inks can cause some colors to appear bolder than others.


Added weathering effects such as scratches and scrapes in the artwork helps enhance the aged look of a vintage print.

New Trail

 All three of these shirts were printed with the same ink. A great example of how the resulting vintage print can vary between shirt colors and materials.



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