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This awesome vintage jumbo print covers the whole front of the shirt, even on large sizes! Find out more about jumbo prints here.


Show your pride with this rainbow-tastic vintage print! The vintage printing gives a soft touch to this collection of bright and bold colors. Learn more about vintage prints here.


This set for New Trail is a great example of how vintage prints can look great on any design, even with just one color! All three of these shirts were printed with the same thin layer of white ink, with the different materials leading to slightly different results on each.



By printing directly on the fabric, the color of the feathers fades smoothly into the shirt in this unique print.

CatchCatch 2

These embroidered fire squad caps are hot! Blending stitches add a nice gradient effect to this bold design.

Fire Squad

An out of this world wrap print commemorating the 2017 solar eclipse.


With this variety of prints for Cap City, there's something for everyone, from foil to full color!

Cap City

Check out the fine detail on this fractcal print! Our plastisol inks capture all the details of your art while keeping it sharp and bright.




Embroidery can add a touch of personalization to many items. No need for nametags with these embroidered aprons!




A set for Taco Bamba with a great variety of prints helping showcase their personality.

Taco Bamba



A nice set for Pharaoh turning a simple design regal with various different color combinations, and even gold foil!




Whether you're a fan of the big and flashy or simple and classy, we'll make sure your prints come out perfect.




Here's a llama, there's a llama, and a stunning printed llama! Our full color prints capture so much detail and look so real. 




Rise from the ashes with this magnificent glitter print! For more info on our glitter inks, click here.



Huge! Oversized! Giant!  Looking to make a gargantuan statement on your shirts? Check out our 17"x22" Jumbo prints click here for more info.


Spread your wings and enjoy another wrap print.  Looking for more infomation click here.


Do we do embroidery?  Let me sit back in my custom robe of 28 individual embroidered logos and ponder that question...  Yes, this was an actual order and yes it's pretty cool.


Ahoy Matey!  This octopus has risen from the deep blue, over the bottom t-shirt seam, and into an amazing design.  Over the seam prints can promote your artwork from lowly cabin boy to Captin!


One of our specialties here is unique and unusual print placements, our latest print wraps to the side of the shirt. Wish I could see the reaction of the Robotics Team when they see these! Let go of the online designers and let us make you something out of the ordinary!!

Tech Hogs1

 Introductiong High Gloss Black Foil! For the ultimate high gloss black on your T-shirts look no further!


 black black foilred black foil

green black foil


 New Side Wrap print for Shadow Dragon! Spice up your t-shirt orders by thinking outside the "proverbial box"


 Shadow Dragon 1Shadow Dragon 2

Shadow Dragon 3 


Nice little package for Fairfax Cheer including some snazzy glitter prints, awesome!

Fairfax Group ItemsFairfax Glitter Close up



More Black and white reproductions, we loved making these!

adopt dogadopt2



Black and white photo reproductions, using our own techniques we produce extra sharp and clear images on your t-shirts. If you are in need of photo reproductions or full color images contact us for details. Minimums do apply.

99 A Rock Opera, for an upcoming musical reviving the "rock opera concept".

rock opera

rock opera1



An old classic photo of Bias vs. Jordan, enhanced from low resolution.

bias jordan2bias jordan



We've posted a lot of our work using ‪#‎foil‬ but this one really came out snappy! Foil is a fantastic t-shirt decoration, mega shine and mega attention getter!

i am a ten



bom-bah bim-bah yeah....the DC Jazz Festival is coming up next weekend. Check out the shirts we just finished, this is some smooth printing right here, this full color art really pops! Check out www.dcjazzfest.org for details.

jazz fest



See the Saluting Marine, SSgt Tim Chambers over the weekend as he honors all that have fallen for our country during Military service. This year he is getting married at the event and his bride to be has promised to stand with him. We made the commemorative t-shirts for the event and they came out stellar! We wish Tim and his bride to be the best!
Also a big thanks to our friend Ed Levine for all his support!
See details at http://www.thesalutingmarine.com/

saluting marinesaluting marine`



Another new foil shirt looking flashy! Foil by far is one of the glitziest decorations known to grace the surface of a t-shirt. Contact us for this amazing shine on your next order!

gods girl

gods girl1



One big Cheetah!

restaurant cheetahrestuaurant cheetah




Just a cool shirt we wanted to share, simple bright colors were used creatively to make a great t-shirt. The best t-shirts designs are often in our opinion are the most simple ones.

marymount saintsfestmarymount saintsfest1



We've had so many requests for high gloss inks we decided to put in some R&D on how to make any screen print look super glossy and...Voila!. On the right color of t-shirt this process can also make the fabric look wet which opens a creative door we hadn't thought of! This process also makes a fantastic black on black!

high gloss

high gloss1



Discharge ink is like having your design integrated into the fabric instead of the plastic/sticker feel of most t-shirt printing. If comfort and a natural look on your shirt designs is desirable, we highly recommend using this ink for your next order. See the close up for a detailed view! For further information, see our Discharge page.

Rose Therapy

rose therapy


Reflective Ink over bright blue and neon green gives an interesting effect, bright color in daylight and reflective properties to that light up at night. These shirts are being used in an effort to curtail road traffic injuries.

Global safety



Baseball season like spring is right around the corner, get your team set up right!

bandits baseball jersey


Some beautiful new embroidered hats, we love how these came out. The detail in the roses looks fantastic!

Sobr HatSobr hat2



Here's a new wrap print, A Long Noodle lent itself well to this project! Makes me want to eat Ramen!


Ramen2Ramen 1



Fresh batch of emboidered hats for Golden Globe nominated TV show "Narcos"!!! Plata o Plomo!

Narcos Hats



Here are a few unique works of oversized printing that we did recently. We've done the printing over the zipper on hoodies and overseam printing on tees and tanks. The tanks and tees have a overall print size twice that of normal shirt printing. This specialized service is available on average in 1-4 weeks depending on current workload. There are limitations and restrictions, please contact us for details.

Oversized Prints



 Mr. James Tate recently needed to re-up on some fresh Swag! Here we have full back embroidered track jackets, 3D foam embroidered hats, embroidered shorts and winter caps, plus some sweet screen printed hoodies. The track jacket contains a Mind-Blowing 157,901 embroidery stiches and crushed our most stiches all-time company record, WOW! I mean really WOW!!!!


Beyond W8loss

Beyond W8loss Embroidery



Add some pizzazz to your design using our Glitter Prints process. These lips got quite the send off with this added touch. We carry a variety of Glitter colors, a great look for a Holiday shirt desgin! See our website for details.


Red Glitter Print



Reflective silver--add this to you next t-shirt order, looks fantastic on dark colors, especially black. This ink will light up like a street sign at night when even a faint light hits the design, totally cool stuff. It's one of our water base series of inks so it leaves a soft hand unlike traditional t-shirt ink. We also carry this in clear which give a more subtle look on fabric or can go over ink colors to create "reflective colors" of your choice. 


 Image Factory DCImage Factory Jellyfish


"Franken-Glow"--this new neon/glow-in-the-dark ink shows neon yellow in the daylight and glows green in darkness. This is one of our new neon-glow series ink colors. We will be carrying them in Red, Green, Yellow, Orange ,Blue, Pink, Purple all neons in daylight with glow properties at night. http://www.fairfaxscreenprinting.com/Glow

Flo Yellow Glow

 New Print for George Mason's Theater Department looking fantastic

 mason theater simulated process


Here's a new discharge print for our BMX friends at CanYouDigIt.com.  These guys are serious about their dirt jumps.  We knocked this one out of the park with 3 custom discharge color mixes, not to mention the great artwork provided to us by CanYouDigIt.

dig or die discharge

 Now offering over the zipper hoodie printing, contact us for details! 

 Over zipper hoodie printing

Forget J.D. Power and the BBB, we recently received the Official HodgeTwins Approval™.  Below is the video of the YouTube Megastars bestowing the honor upon us.  We appreciate thier kind words and plan on continuing to deliver the level of quality they desire.


Reflective ink over any color--a brand new ink mostly unseen, developed for Nike, we got our hands on some and man this stuff is awesome!

Bright vibrant color by day but when hit by a car's headlights at night reflects back a silvery mix of any ink color you choose!

Any color can be used in combination, please contact us for more details, some restrictions will apply.

 clear reflective

Above and below ink is under camera flash which is only a glimse of what you see in full darkness

clear reflective

Under Normal lighting

clear reflective


 Distressed text and the use of foil makes for something unique.  We were super stoked how well this one came out.

silver foil neon magenta discharge

Simplicity gets the job done, our secret recipe ultra-red discharge accented by metallic gold foil.

gold foil red discharge

Here's more distress and discharge, the two are made for each other, POW!

irish discharge print

...and IRISH SUPERMAN for the back!  Would we use plastisol on this?  Not a chance.  This print is not only brighter than plastisol but it breaths.  Nothing but the shirt on your back!

irish superman discharge

Nice vintage look on this Football Fan's design.  This printing style is simulated 4-color process which we specialize in.

Would we settle for digital printing for this?  Uh-uh nope.  We made it old school @ digital quality...with the washability of real screen printing!

4 color simluted process

Make your design look razor sharp with our discharge inks!


 You may ask what is this dark matter we use in our screen printing inks?  We put a lot of effort into our custom screen prints, we thought this one was stellar!  This is our custom gold glitter ink with a duotone purple spatial background.

glitter special effect

Wow, this one really pops, the Gold Glitter and fluorescent pink/bright yellow fade, what fun!

pink eclipse with glitter



One of the most notable traits of our discharge inks, clarity in the details.  Aside from the super soft feel and brighest color, discharge reproduces detail like no other ink for decorating garments.

If you are interested in having the highest detail and a soft print on your t-shirts, come in and see our samples.

 bloodhound discharge


Fresh off the press! 

Glitter ink

We loved this picture too much not share it, great shirt color and design combination, printing via plastisol halftone black and white, though there were many colors to achieve all the subtleties.  Classy.

full color black and white


Fun with our Glitter Inks





Here's another super sharp artsy print, done in full color using all water base discharge inks.  This means this print has almost zero hand (virtually no feel to the printing). 

full color water base discharge

 The Pop Art look with an interesting twist, this one will make you think, imagine, ponder.  Some may find it dark but we love the creativity.

 pop art discharge screen printing

Retro Camera, this is a vintage motion picture camera done in discharge ink.  We love this design!

 retro camera discharge screen printing

New Neon Glow Full Color Prints!  100% Screen Printed right here at Fairfax Screen!

 Neon Glow Full Color Simulated Process

Foil Fish!!!  We carry foil in 7 colors!  Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Green...Stay Tuned for more pics...

 foil fish

New Jiu-Jitsu Shirts!

New Jiu-Jitsu Shirts!cobra side

Roaring Lion--what a killer print, great art and great color, who wouldn't like this?? 

 Lionhead Discharge

 Check out this nice effect on a Triblend tank. Transparent discharge ink shows the fabric pattern and creates a unique texture. Notice the print goes over and off the seam. Triblends are rayon, cotton and poly, one of the softest materials available.

jellyfish discharge

 Vintage Loco--this print is a great example of less equals more, very simple distressed artwork and semi transparent ink, plus this print is HUGE!!!

Vintage Loco distress

Really cool entire BMX bike kit, all parts laid out and ready to build 'er up!  If you're into bikes, there's nothing like dialing in your own personal ride!

BMX Bike Build 

"I try to say goodbye and I choke... I try to wash away and tumble...Though I try to hide it, it's still looks clear"  This shirt was printed in November, washed and worn many times, and Macy still looks vivid in color.

Macy Grey

Check out this awesome design we just printed!  This distress on the eagle looks even better in person, come by and see it in our showroom.  This is a full color print check out more about full color prints here.


This print looks so good you can almost drive it.  The amount of detail in this one is amazing.  This is a full color print, check out more about full color prints here.


Curious about what really goes into screen printing?  Here is a look behind the curtain.  This video shows you how your art gets screen printed onto custom t-shirts.

Nothing like a smooth gradient and a print that is smooth to the touch as well.  To get that smooth feel we used discharge ink which you can read about here.  What is really awesome is that we only used two ink colors for those gradeints. The way the pink blends into that blue makes it look like so much more. Smooth.


We added some pizzazz to this artwork with our Retro Halftone filter.  The look is familiar but the big dots make it look old school!


This is a full color print, check out more about full color prints here.


Look at this print shine!  Foil is a great way to make your art pop off the shirt and get noticed.  Check out more about foil transfers here.


Check out these shirts we did with glow-in-the-dark ink!  When the sun goes down now your design can really come to life.  Learn more about glow-in-the-dark ink here.


Don't have a chip on your shoulder, put a print on it instead!  This is a superb print placment for tall thin prints.


What ink color is that, you ask?  Well it's just the natural shirt color coming through.  For this design we used discharge with no pigment and let the natural cotton color show through.  Learn more about Discharge printing here.


Here is a t-shirt print we did for a local school middle school.  When I was in school we never got shirts with cool designs like this.  We even printed this Hybrid so the colors truly pop.  Learn more about Hybrid printing here.

Here is an interesting print where we used discharge ink for the grey and white but for the orange we used a high density print, which sets up an interesting look and feel.   Read more about High Density prints here.


 Even though the shirt may look white it's actaully green!  That's right, this shirt was printed with our Eco-Friendly Water Base Inks. Interested in finding out more about Eco-Friendly Inks? Click here.


We do more than screen printing we also do in-house embrodiery.  To make this embroidery literally "POP" off the hat we used foam behind the stiching.  No 3D glasses required to get that 3D effect. Check out more of their hot items here!



Discharge printing is very popular, and here is another example.  If you are intrested in getting soft to the touch prints, read more about it here.


Why are we putting up this old faded shirt?  Well... because it's brand new!  Yup that's right, we can give your design that worn faded weatherd look.  It's called distress and you can read more about it here.



Don't be fooled, this isn't a painting.  It's just another custom design from Farifax Screen Printing.  Better yet we printed this design with Discharge.  So even though it looks like a lot of ink, all you feel is the fabric.  Read more about discharge here.


Don't just dream about better printing.  We are always trying to better ourselves to produce the best results possiable.  This print was done with a process we call Hybrid Pinting.  Read more about Hybrid Printing here.


Sometimes the most simple of designs can look so cool.  Another discharge print, you can even see the grains of the fabric, now that's a soft print!  Check out discharge here.


The customer wanted the dogtags to appear as if they went around the neck.  We had to tweak the design to be wide enough to accomate the varity of sizes and in the end they came out great.


Our first print using discharge ink.  This dynamic duo looks amazing in discharge ink. What's even better the print feels like it's apart of the fabric.  Read more about discharge ink here.


Looking for a unique placment for you art?  Well look no further. A side print is the eye-catching placement you've been wanting.  Max width is 15 inches wide.


Look at those tiny details.  Printing those thin lines on the fireworks is no easy feat.  Lucky for us we have over 30 years of experience.


Black, White and Everything in Between! To print this grayscale image we treated it like a full color print.  This is the best way to get all those subtle details and many shades of grey.  Read more about full color prints here.


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